120.000 $ CLP

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Uyuni Salt Flat Bolivia, 3 days itinerary. Senda Mística.


Once we crossed the border our first stops will be: White Lagoon, Green Lagoon, Dalí Desert and Polque’s Hotsprings, where you could bath with the most privileged view of the Bolivian´s Altiplano. We will have lunch and hit the road again towards “Morning Sun Geysers” (the highest point on the trip, being at 4900 meters above sea level) and the amazing Red Lagoon full of flamingos, to finally get to Villa Mar, where you will stay your first night.

  • Out: 7:30 to 8:00.
  • Includes: Breakfast, lunch, afternoon mate, dinner and acommodation.
  • Highest Altitud: 4.900 meters.


On the second day we will start visiting the Rock Valley, where you could admire huge rock formations that come from volcanic eruptions. Then we will visit The Black Lagoon (or Mistery Lagoon) where we’ll do a little trekking through impressive wetlands surrounded by wild life and continue our adventure towards Villa Alota to have lunch and rest for a while. After that we will take you to try local crafted beers made of coca leaves, quinoa and cactus and we´ll finish the day in Puerto Chuvica where we´ll spend the night in one of the classic salt hostels.

  • Out: 8:00 hours.
  • IncludesBreakfast, lunch, afternoon mate, dinner and acommodation.
  • Highest Altitud: 3.700 meters.


Today we will head toawards the expected Uyuni Salt Flat, the largest one in the world, to see an spectacular sunrise full of colors where it’s hard to tell when the sky ends and the earth begins. Then we’ll go to the middle of the 10 thousand square kilometres of salt to take pictures and visit the Salt Museum. The trip will continue to Uyuni`s Town, where you could buy handcraft, try the famous “chicharrón de llama” and have lunch. The last stop will be the Train Cementery and then the groups will separate.

  • Out: 5:00 hours.
  • Includes: Breakfast and lunch.
  • Highest Altitud: 3.600 meters.


  • Bring with you $ 250 Bolivian pesos for tickets to the parks and showers (10 Bolivian per shower).
  • Take 5 or 6 liters of water for the whole trip.
  • Take snacks. Despite that all the meals are included; you will be in the middle of nowhere, so we recommend take cookies, cereal bars, nuts, etc.
  • Buy toilet paper.
  • Pack comfortable and warm clothes, the temperature drops easily at the altiplano.
  • Pack an extra pair of shoes (snickers or trekking shoes).


  • Not suitable for children under 7 years old nor people over 65 years old.
  • Not suitable for people with problems produced by the altitude.